After graduating from Falmouth College of Arts with BA (Hons) Broadcasting Studies in 1999, Jamie started working for BBS Productions, a Bristol based corporate video production company. Starting as a runner and learning the trade, by 2002 Jamie was working freelance as an editor and production assistant for a number of companies, as well as starting to write and produce his own short films.

His first big break came in 2002, where he directed and produced a live music video for his favourite musician Ian Brown. Years later the production still looks incredible, owing much to the camera team, tour staff and on-stage performance of the Stone Roses singer.

A series of short film festival appearances were to follow, as well as a music video documentary for rapper Just Jack, before Jamie moved to Germany in 2004. His scripts, skills and techniques were all improving and the Film Awards started to follow, including three for "Sehnsucht", his first film produced in German, and another two awards and national TV broadcast of "Weiter".

2005 saw a move into documentary with a behind-the-scenes transatlantic theatre project and a film about racism with a group of young immigrants in the city of Magdeburg. But these were to be blown away in 2006 with the production of the critically acclaimed "3 Lions, 23 Players & 100,000 Friendly Fans": an hour long film following England fans at the World Cup.

This was also the year that Jamie discovered a real passion for teaching, as he passed on his film skills to lead a class of A Level Art students, over 6 months. The project was the first of its kind in Germany and the results were such a success, that it has become the model for delivering film within the classroom.

He led school film project "Ich und die Anderen" the following winter, with 6 wonderful documentaries produced by 19 pupils, all getting a cinema screening and greatly improved school grades. He also taught bilingual film workshops in Berlin, as well as producing promotional films for the UK-German Connection and German National Tourist Office.

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